Things To Know Before Playing Bitcoin Slots

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More people are playing Bitcoin slots today than ever. One important reason is that this cryptocurrency is increasingly accepted around the world.

Bitcoin (BTC) also offers certain advantages over fiat (for example, USD). And one of the key advantages is that Bitcoin is not regulated by a government or central bank, allowing you to use it in more online casinos.

Fairly Fair Casinos That Allow You to Verify Slot Bets

Bitcoin is the featured currency in Fairly Fair casinos, giving you the ability to verify the fairness of slot bets.

Reasonably fair casinos instill more confidence in their slots by giving you the option to verify the authenticity of your bets. These sites know that they cannot fool you because everything can be verified through blockchain technology.

Regular online casinos require third party audits to ensure fair gaming for their customers. However, reasonably fair casinos don’t need this, because you are essentially the auditor.

Making deposits from Bitcoin Casino is not as difficult as it seems

The biggest barrier to playing Bitcoin slots is acquiring BTC. But starting with Bitcoin and depositing it at an online casino is not difficult.

You can complete this task in a few simple steps. The first step is to visit an exchange site that allows you to buy Bitcoin with fiat.

Players Have Won Some Big Bitcoin Slot Jackpots

One of the biggest reasons people love to play internet slots is because of the huge jackpots. And Bitcoin casinos have paid out some very large jackpots over the years.

One of the most recent big jackpots for Bitcoin came in January 2017 when someone won 260 BTC. This payment was valued at $ 275,000 at the time.

Bitcoin Slot Jackpots Have Not Caught Up In Fiat Jackpots

I just went through three big slot jackpots that were won at BTC casinos. But as big as these payouts are, they pale in comparison to the biggest fiat pots of all time.

The biggest slot win on the internet came in September 2018 when an anonymous Mega Moolah player won $ 20.1 million.

Your Bankroll Can Fluctuate A Lot From Day To Day

One puzzling thing about playing Bitcoin slots is that you never know how much your money may be worth from one day to the next.

This cryptocurrency has seen fluctuations of 50% in a single day several times throughout its history. Sometimes these fluctuations are large, while other times they can severely reduce the value of your funds.

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